CBD Drip

Various blends and flavors of CBD oil that is either “dripped” under the tongue or “dripped” into a vaping device.  

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CBD dripThere are plenty of articles about CBD drip that you can find online, but we have found them all to be scattered tidbits of the total CBD and hemp oil drip picture.  That is why we have created this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about CBD and the various “DRIP” products that are being sold online.

How To Use CBD Drip

Here are the following ways and directions on how to properly use CBD drip:

  1.  Drip 1-3 drops of CBD oil under the tongue twice a day (morning and night)
  2.  Drip the CBD oil into a vape pen or device and vape it all on its own (no additives)
  3.  Drip and mix the CBD concentrated oil your preferred e-liquid/e-juice in order to obtain the full benefits of cannabidiol while enjoying your favorite vape juice flavor

As you can see, CBD drip can be used in various ways, but it is just a descriptive term that was given to CBD oil that is “dripped” into consumption.



Below are a couple vape pens that are commonly used for CBD Drip

Currently, the FDA has yet to approve the use of CBD as any form of treatment or cure, however, many people have vaped CBD oil or dripped it under their tongue and they claim to have experienced many different benefits from it. Furthermore, since no dangers have been associated with vaping CBD so far, its popularity is growing wildly in the young adult generation and they are asking the infamous question…

Can You Get High From CBD Drip?

The resounding answer is, NO.

CBD actually counteracts the side effects of THC (what causes the high) so it is impossible to get high from dripping CBD oil in any of the three ways mentioned above. For most users, CBD drip is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes or marijuana because it is not addictive like nicotine and it doesn’t make you paranoid or high. Instead, CBD drip comes with highly beneficial hemp oils that have brought so many people peace and relief from stress without causing any sort of addiction.  In fact, read more about the medical studies that were done on CBD for addiction.

You can rest assured that if there are CBD products with THC in it, the company producing it is legally bound to mention it because, for legal purposes, CBD drip must come from a hemp plant where the THC levels are below 0.3%.

THC is responsible for the high feeling, not CBD, and both of these cannabinoids provide wonderful health benefits on their own.

Health Benefits & Side Effects

It has shown that CBD drip provides a calming effect that is commonly associated with marijuana. Many people prefer CBD drip to marijuana because it provides a safe and easy way to bring the much-needed relaxation without causing a high feeling.


Additionally, cannabidiol has shown very promising results to help with the symptoms associated with:

As a result of maybe being an antioxidant as well, it has the potential of being able to prevent cellular damage!  Click to view a list of all the potential CBD health benefits.


There are no significant side effects associated with CBD Oil.  The only negative effect you would be causing your body is if you added your CBD oil to an unhealthy e-liquid that contained harmful substances and/or nicotine. We advise to vape or drip the CBD oil in its purest, natural form with no other additives.  This will practically guarantee a positive cannabidiol experience.  Learn more about why this particular medical study says that long-term vaping is far safer than smoking.

Cool & Interesting Facts!

  • CBD drip does not have undesirable concentrates and strains of marijuana. Therefore, it does not cause the undesirable effects like paranoia and drowsiness.
  • Adding CBD drip into an e-liquid that does not have nicotine will give you the full health benefits of cannabidiol without the negative effects associated with smoking.
  • You only need a little bit of pure CBD oil to achieve a healthy, daily dose of cannabidiol. the desired results.
  • CBD drip products are highly regulated,  this gives the buyer a sense of peace knowing that the products are safe and legal to use.
  • The price for CBD Drip is based on the amount of cannabidiol within the mixture.  CBD drip prices are between $9.99 and $54.99, with the majority of the market selling cannabidiol drip products around $25.

Common CBD Drip Ingredients 

If you intend to go as natural as possible, the only ingredient will be a concentrated liquid of CBD oil.  But, if you intend to mix your CBD with a flavored e-liquid or e-juice, the following is a great example of what you could expect.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to take CBD for any particular reason and you are a habitual smoker, you may want to consider choosing CBD drip as it may just be a healthier alternative.  It is extremely easy to find online and various dispensaries around the nation and with all the new CBD companies launching, you can be sure to start seeing a lot more competitive prices.  Please remember that cannabidiol is not a treatment or cure for any illness or condition and should only be considered as a dietary supplement.  Do you still have a thirst for more knowledge?  Compare CBD drip reviews and learn more at iDWeeds.