About Us

British CBD is one of the UK’s fastest growing online retailer, distributor and wholesaler of CBD products. We are proud to offer only the finest CBD products on the market from products from UK, USA, Europe and South America. As the leading CBD shop in the UK, we stock an extensive range of products from CBD Vape E-LiquidCBD Oil & TincturesCBD GummiesCBD CapsulesCBD Balm, and we update our website on a regular basis with new lines and products.

As well as being one of the exclusive UK CBD shops to offer a wide range of products we are also dedicated to comprehensively sharing the information and research that is being conducted on CBD. We want to change the negative perception that surrounds Cannabis derived products and this change will only occur if people are made aware of the potential powers of CBD. All products on our website are laboratory tested by us. This means that even if we are provided Certificates by manufacturers and brands we still send them to be tested by an independent lab to make sure they are what they say they are. 

We will never make medical claims regarding any of the products we sell. We do strongly recommend you search online and research yourself before trying.

Shop our complete line of CBD products and if you have any questions, get in touch with our knowledgeable team who are here to help. We aim to give the customers not just quality products but also all the convenience to shop on the go with our CBD online shop.

Why Choose British CBD?

Independently CBD Lab Tested All the CBD Brands and products on our website are randomly sent to an independent laboratory to be tested. This is on top of the certificates provided by the brands (not that we don’t trust them). We want to ensure that all products sold on our website are what they say they are.  

Variety – As one the leading distributors of CBD products in the UK. We have an extensive range that includes oils, vape products, skincare products, capsules among others. No matter what your CBD needs are, we have the right product for you!

We’re Picky – Yes, we’re picky about the products and brands we stock. We aim to only source for the best and highest quality products from the most reputable brands.

Free Shipping – We offer free shipping to mainland UK without a minimum spend requirement.

Loyalty Pays – We offer a generous loyalty scheme which means our customers are always rewarded for their loyalty and support.

Reliable Customer Support – We have a customer support team that is extremely knowledgeable in CBD that you can get in touch with if you have any questions.