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CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals are a great way of using CBD for localised pain. The CBD is transdermaly absorbed into the bloodstream in order to activate the endocannabinoid system. We stock CBD balm, CBD face masks and CBD bath bombs. CBD cream or CBD topical cream can be used on the body.

CBD Topical cream is often used on the body for localised pain relief. CBD topical gel or face masks are an excellent way to treat your body. We proved high quality CBD cream in the UK. Application is as easy as a normal cream and is simply rubbed into the skin. Its benefits include use for acne, pain, and skin irritation – but some people also use CBD topical cream for anxiety.

Can you use CBD Oil topically?

We don’t recommend using CBD oil topically, as it is recommended to use a lotion or cream designed for the skin. This keeps the CBD in place and allows it to absorb into the skin slowly, whereas the CBD in CBD oil is designed to remain suspended in its oil.

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