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Smoking is by far the largest preventable cause of death in the UK. All smokers are aware that smoking can cause heart disease, lung cancer, strokes, and a host of other serious medical problems, but by the time they truly understand the dangers and wish to quit, they are already dependent on Nicotine and it is almost impossible to quit. 

Smoking causes a temporary feeling of relaxation, calm, and sometimes a mild buzz but following this brief sensation is followed by withdrawal symptoms.

These withdrawal symptoms are physical and phycological and range from:
Nausea, Abdominal Cramping, Headache, Anxiety, Mood Swings, Intense Cravings, Sore Throat, A Strong Desire To Smoke Again, Slowed Heart Rate, Constipation, Insomnia, Hunger, Low Mood, Concentration Difficulties and Stress.

One of the keys to quitting smoking is controlling these withdrawal symptoms. CBD has a reputation for reducing stress and anxiety as well as relaxing the whole body, both physically and mentally. Due of this, our CBD e-liquids are among the best-selling CBD products and a fantastic alternative to smoking that has many advantages to aid in quitting and practically NO negative side effects.  

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So Are There Any Studies to Prove This?

There are many trials and studies revealing CBDs contribution towards quitting smoking and one of them was done by The Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit at University College London. This focused on 24 smokers; 12 were given an inhaler to vape with CBD and the other 12 were given an inhaler with NO CBD so to see the placebo effect. After a week long study the smokers using the CBD vape reduced the amount of cigarettes they used by 40% and the ones using the placebo effect inhalers with no CBD showed no reduction is use.

Another study came out of the UK in 2018 examined a range of possible positive effects of CBD on smoking actions. This study comprised of 30 dependent smokers, each of which were given 800mg of CBD orally or a matched placebo (No CBD).

Each of the smokers were shown cigarette related pictures of parties, drinking, other people smoking, etc, and were examined for withdrawal, cravings, heart rate, and blood pressure. The study came to an interesting conclusion: a single 800mg dose of CBD could help to reduce the “pleasantness” of tobacco cues compared to the placebo group, especially when participants had abstained from cigarettes overnight as part of the study.

“These findings are exciting as they suggest CBD may interfere with some of the underlying mechanisms behind tobacco addiction and could potentially be a treatment for people who are trying to quit” said Dr. Amir Englund at King’s College, London.

To help you in your journey to quit smoking we have a variety of CBD E-liquids, CBD oils and even CBD gummies that can help. Please see our range of CBD products and if you are unsure please contact us for advice.

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Can vaping cbd e-liquids help me stop smoking this stoptober 2022? 5

Stoptober - can vaping cbd e-liquids help me stop smoking this stoptober 2022?
Stop - can vaping cbd e-liquids help me stop smoking this stoptober 2022?

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