Daily Rise - Shilajit + CBD 2000mg

Daily Rise - Shilajit + CBD 2000mg


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Daily Rise – Shilajit + CBD 2000mg


Throughout Nepal, this plant-based, mineral-rich resin Shilajit, is considered a national treasure. Purified by a method that is patented by the government of Nepal, this substance is sourced from the untainted, high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains and extracted for its incredible health benefits; improving strength, immunity and vitality when welcomed into your diet. It is then formulated with pure CBD.


Daily Rise

3 reviews for Daily Rise – Shilajit + CBD 2000mg

  1. Darran Jones

    Its good that I can use it easily due to it being in liquid form. It smells bad but I know Shilajit does so am used to it.

  2. Barry Arya

    Was looking for Shilajit and came across this one which has CBD blended into it. This seems to be working great. Will be buying again and telling my family about it.

  3. carl Gabson

    This smells and tastes really awful I have had to mix it with milk to take it as i could not take it raw. It does help so will probably buy again

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