Andrew describes his CBD experience after suffering with severe Fibromyalgia for 7 years.

“When that pain went away, I felt like a completely different person.”

Andrew is 25 years old and a loyal BritishCBD customer. He has suffered with Fibromyalgia and Bilateral sciatica for the past 7 years, alongside a number of severe mental health conditions.

Living with pain every day can be incredibly difficult and over 1.5 million people in the UK suffer with Fibromyalgia. Andrew uses a wheelchair and finds it difficult to complete everyday tasks such as making food or going to the shops.

His first CBD product was the newly released 10,000mg British Hemp Co E-Liquid. After trying CBD for the first time he experienced a massive reduction in pain levels, allowing him to walk nearly half a mile, make food independently and feel more mental clarity.

“I may even be able to go back to work again”

Andrew reported a clearer mindset, with a reduction in his auditory hallucinations and an easing of mental tension. He recommends CBD to anyone suffering with Fibromyalgia or mental health conditions and feels that the industry will grow as more research is carried out.

“I’ve not felt this pain free in a long time.”

Andrew is one of many British CBD customers who has benefited greatly in daily life from using CBD. He has recently started buying the Stronglife CBD Gummies to go with his vape liquids.

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