What To Look For When Buying CBD - Best 4 Tips

Buying CBD – Know what is in it

These days, most of us won’t eat a cereal bar without first checking the label, and we should adopt the same level of care when buying CBD. Any reputable company will offer you a Certificate of Analysis (COA), This is done by a third party lab that shows that what you get inside is the strength it says it is, whether it contains isolate of full-spectrum CBD and which other plant compounds are in there, and finally that it doesn’t contain any of the things you don’t want in there, like moulds and pesticides. The batch number of the product should be on the bottle, which can be researched on the brand’s website. If you can’t see the COA certificate on the company’s website, email them to request it.
British CBD provide certificates for all of our products.
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Know the difference between full-spectrum and CBD isolates 

When you go shopping for CBD you will generally come across three different options: CBD isolates, full-spectrum hemp oil, and broad-spectrum hemp oil; it’s the latter two you want to go for. This means the whole plant has been used, as opposed to an extracted isolate, which seems to work better because lots of the plant’s different chemicals work symbiotically together, creating the entourage effect.

So why don’t all companies use the whole plant? It’s because the more purified form of CBD – the CBD isolate – is cheaper. It can be made from lower quality plants, which are then processed to get rid of the contaminates, isolating just the CBD. CBD is a commodity like any other cash crop and the price of isolate has come down quicker.

Check the strength when buying CBD 

The milligrams of CBD should always be stated on the label. If you don’t see it, don’t buy it. A percentage without the milligrams doesn’t tell you anything. So what kind of numbers should we be looking for? A lot of standard brands offer 300-2,000 mg, which can be in a 30ml, 40ml, or 60ml bottle. If you see a very high amount, check it’s not an isolate by looking at the COA certificate.

Most companies state a suggested dose on the bottle, but there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to CBD. It depends what you’re using it for. start low and go slow. For a chronic condition you should be taking it daily on a consistent basis. It’s not a quick fix.

Choose CBD brands with integrity

A brand’s motivation matters and for every charlatan CBD brand there are as many with their hearts – and certificates – in the right place. There clearly needs to be more rules and regulations. There’s so much hype and marketing, it’s quite confusing for the customer. At British CBD we self-standardise and go above and beyond to make sure it does what it says on the tin – and equally there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be.


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