UN votes to remove cannabis from list of worlds most dangerous drugs

On the 2nd of December 2020, a United Nations commission voted to remove cannabis from a list of the worlds most dangerous drugs, including highly addictive substances such as heroin, cocaine, and more. 

The highly anticipated vote by the commission for Narcotic Drugs based in Vienna includes 53 nations. The vote considered a number of recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the reclassification of cannabis and its derivatives. The WHO found that cannabis carries no significant risk of death in comparison to the other substances on the list, and has shown potential in reducing pain and aiding conditions such as epilepsy.

Illegal drugs un votes cannabis off dangerous list
Un votes to remove cannabis from list of the worlds most dangerous drugs. 3

Experts have stated that the vote will not have any immediate impact on cannabis legislation, as countries govern their own laws but look to the international convention as guidelines.

The vote is a historic step in recognising the medicinal uses of cannabis in an international format. This will aid researchers by improving their legitimacy and the current difficulties in gaining research approval.

One researcher on drug policy, Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, said that cannabis has been used as a medicine throughout history, and that the vote has reinstated its status as a medicine – ‘it was a huge historic victory’ he explained.

Cannabis for medical use has exploded in recent years, especially in North America. Even the UK now allows cannabis prescriptions for medical use. The industry is expected to reach £35bn by 2025, researchers have said.

Best cbd oils

Un votes to remove cannabis from list of the worlds most dangerous drugs. 4

CBD products have flooded the wellness market recently after a large amount of research was carried out. CBD products can include tinctures, e-liquids, creams, serums, and even drinks. CBD has been said to relieve pain, anxiety and more.


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