The Importance of Lab Testing CBD Products

Many CBD or CBD-infused products are currently available for people to use. CBD can have many potential benefits, such as relieving pain and anxiety.

With so many products available, it is important for people to choose safe and high quality products. Therefore, it is important to pick products that have undergone third-party testing. It is also advisable to talk to a doctor before using any CBD product.

All of British CBD’s products are third party lab tested and certification is available upon request.

Lack of regulation can pose risks to customer. The growing profits of the CBD industry can be tantalising to unethical companies who are more than willing to sell inferior products for quick money.

Take, for example, Amazon, one of the world’s biggest online retailers. However, it has been the centre of CBD controversy. These products were found to have little to no CBD. Thanks to the lack of regulation protecting customers, these products are more or less free to claim what they want. In March 2021 however, the FSA is introducing a new policy which will force a very rigorous testing procedure upon all CBD products sold in the UK.

Importance of third-party testing

Since the CBD industry is currently unregulated, there is a chance of unethical CBD manufacturers being dishonest about cannabinoid content in their products. This is where third-party testing comes in. It is important because:

  • it verifies the quality of CBD products
  • it provides a neutral, unbiased source of information

Third Party Lab Testing on CBD Products

Third-party testing labs are operated by companies with no affiliation with the CBD industry. The idea is that you can trust them because they have no money in the industry, their function is to simply communicate the facts as they come across them. Thanks to the independent nature of these laboratories, it should be virtually impossible for CBD manufacturers to tamper with the results, adding yet another layer of credibility.

An independent laboratory isolates and tests the compounds found in CBD oil or any other CBD product. This allows them to put a quantifiable number onto the levels of THC and CBD in the product. This is particularly important for customers who wish to be careful about their dosages.

Labs can do much more than this, however. They also test for the levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins that may be present in a product. Hemp is notoriously good at absorbing anything it comes into contact with as it grows. These tests can ensure that a CBD manufacturer is cultivating their product in a safe and clean environment.

Cbd lab testing is important

What Does A Lab Test Look Like?

Laboratory tests are extremely rigorous. Every aspect of the product is broken down and analysed.

Potency testing measures the active cannabinoids in a product, allowing users to predict the strength and efficacy of it.

Terpene level testing measures the presence of the part of the hemp plant that produces its distinctive taste and smell

Solvent contamination testing is of particular importance. Many CBD oil products are created through an extraction process that uses solvents, and this test indicates how carefully controlled that process is.

Pesticide and Heavy Metal Testing as we mentioned above, hemp is notorious for its ability to absorb the qualities of the soil it is cultivated in. While this has many, many beneficial uses, it can also lead to dangerous contamination if it isn’t grown in safe conditions.

To conclude this article, always check that your CBD has been lab tested, even if they claim is has it is always important to check for yourself by requesting the certificates. With British CBD, you can rest assured that we independently test all of our products. Feel free to ask for a certificate if you want to make sure! 

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